Ms. Doyle

Ms. Doyle

6th Grade


Welcome to 6th grade Science!!


This year in 6th grade we will be focusing on Physical Science. We will begin studying matter and energy.  The students will be using their textbook and also their workbooks from the IQWST series.

As a reminder please check the extra credit link for any extra credit opportunities.


inventionconvention please click on the link for dates requirements and rubrics

MAY 25-June 5

Wednesday Mouse trap car reflection. Directions and rubrics were handed out on Thursday



Quiz Friday on simple machines and calculating efficiency- You can use your textbook for help!

Tuesday June 2

The students will read 14.3 Modern tech and compound machines.

The students will complete chapter review 1-10 all, 13-35 odd.The chapter review will be due on Thursday and corrected before the test.

Thursday June 4 

Ch 14 test-Simple Machines-study guide coming soon

Simple Machine test Thursday June 4

Know all vocab

Know how to calculate MA and efficiency

Be able to define and identify the 6 simple machines

Interpreting Visuals

Looking at a picture of a lever (it looks like a see saw)

  1. How does the lever shown change the input force that is applied to it?
  2. Calculate the ideal mechanical advantage of the lever –the formula will be given
  3. Would you expect the actual mechanical advantage to be greater or less than the ideal mechanical advantage? Why?
  4. How does the lever increase the force without changing the amount of work being done?

Analyzing Data

The table will show you the information on 4 different types of dishwashers- using the information calculate the efficiency and which brand would you choose and why?


A friend tells you that she used a lever to change the direction but not the size of the force she used. Describe the lever she must have used.  Be sure to describe the position of the fulcrum, the input force and the output force.

Construct a labeled diagram showing how an inclined plane can help you push a wheelchair into a van.  Show with arrows the direction and strength of the forces involved. Be sure to label the input force and the output force.

Would a robot or a human be better for exploring the underwater volcano?  Explain why

How are a fixed pulley and a movable pulley alike?  How are they different? Make sure that your answer explains how each kind of pulley changes the force applied.





































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