Ms. Doyle

Ms. Doyle

7th Grade

7th  Science

This in science class we will be studying Biology. We will focus the first semester on cellular biology including cell structure and function, photosynthesis, cellular respiration and mitosis.  During the second semester we will be studying ecology and the environment

May 25-June 5


Tribble project due Wednesday June 3

Directions for Tribbles( I know I did not give you a rubrics )

Complete a 2 factor cross for a tribble family using the alleles from the tribble worksheet

Include the genotypes for each parent and offspring

I should be able to see each tribble’s phenotype.

Include the genotypic ratio and phenotypic ratio

You will also receive points for being neat, colorful and creative



Study for quiz on Friday covering meiosis and co dominance and incomplete dominance

Monday June 1/Tuesday June 2-These assignments are due on Wednesday June 3-there will be time in class to on Monday and Tuesday to complete

1. mitosis and meiosis webquest

2. complete the rest of the chapter 11 packet

The students will complete Ch 11 review 1-10 11-21 odd

22,23,24,25 26,28. and Students will finish chapter review

Thursday June 4 Performance assessment

Monday June 8-Ch 11 test

Chapter 11 study guide

Know all vocab words

Short answers

How many recessive alleles for a trait must an organism inherit in order to show the trait?

Use the punnett square ( 2 factor cross) to answer the following questions

What is the phenotypic ratio of the off springs?

Contrast the cells produced by mitosis with those produced by meiosis .

What is a linkage group?

What does a gene map show?

Using science skills

Use the punnett square

Identify the genotype and phenotype  of a specific offspring

List all the different phenotypes

What are the genotypes of the offsprings that will have black rough hair?

What fraction of the offspring is expected to have white smooth hair?


Explain why short plants reappeared in Mendel’s F2 generation for pea plants?

You wish to determine whether a tall pea plant is homozygous or heterozygous for tallness. What cross should you perform to arrive at your answer? Explain

Explain the difference between incomplete dominance and codominance

The stages of meiosis are classified into 2 divisions meiosis I and meiosis II Compare and contrast the 2 divisions

Define linkage and explain how linkage is used to make gene maps



















































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