Ms. Doyle

Ms. Doyle

Science Fair

Science Fair 2014

September 5-Topics and proposals are due.  In your proposal describe your topic and your plan.  Include both your dependent and independent variables.

September 12- Your first 5 sources are due.  Reminder- you can not use wikipedia, and google is a search engine not a reference. Also your sources must be current. You can not use a source older than you!!  Your sources must be written in APA format.  We will discuss that in the fall.

September 19-Purpose and hypothesis due. Please type on separate sheets of paper and make sure you save them on your google drive!

September 26- 5 more additional sources for your research paper! You will have 10 total.

October 10- Materials and procedure. List all the materials needed to carry out your experiment and also then list all the steps needed to carry out the experiment. Please type.

October 17- Final research paper will be collected today.  Remember to include at least 5 citations in your paper.  Also the final draft of your reference page will be collected today.

October 24- Abstract and safety sheet due. More information will be given in the fall.

October 31- Results – raw data , charts and graphs due today. The graphs and charts must be done on the computer.  Raw data consists of all  the notes and observation you made during the project.

November 13- Conclusion due today.  In your conclusion include whether our hypothesis was correct or incorrect and explain why.  Also discuss what would you change in your projectand why,  any experimental errors and any new question you may have.

November 13-Final project-include Abstract, safety sheet purpose hypothesis, review of literature, materials, procedure, results, conclusion and references.

November 25. – Science Fair!!  You will need your board completed and another copy of your paper.  As the date gets closer we will review the requirements for the board and also the fair.

The site is a great reference.  You will find additional directions and necessary forms.

Good luck and have fun!!!

Email me over the summer if you have questions!!


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