Ms. Doyle

Ms. Doyle

Science Extra Credit Opportunities




If there is ever a question on the “Worth a Google” bulletin board you can research the answer to the question.  You will need to provide the answer in 5-10 well constructed sentences.  You must include where you found the information and supply evidence to support your claim.  You can earn 2 points for every question answered during the quarter.  The points will be applied to your assessment  point total. You will have 48 hours to answer the post.




0 1 2
Summary and Evidence missing missing either clear summary or clear evidence Includes well written summary and evidence













  • You have two weeks to find an article to use, so read often to find what you need
  • Articles must be current – no more than two months old
  • Articles will not be accepted late
  • You may use magazines, newspapers or internet sites

                   Topic                                                                                                                                                Weather, Atmosphere                                     9/10                                                              Plants, Food, Medicine                                 9/24                                                                   Your  Choice                                                     10/8                                                                 Paleontology, Fossils                                    10/22                                                               Animals                                                                 11/4

                  Your Choice                                                      11/19                                                                Space, Stars, Planets                                     12/10                                                                 Health, Disease, Medicine                         1/21                                                                    Environment/Ecology                               2/4                                                                      Animals                                                            2/18                                                                    Archaeology                                                 3/ 11                                                                       Your Choice                                               3/2 5                                                                       Marine Science, Ocean Life                     4/15                                                                             Geology, Earth Science                     4/29                                                                             Weather, Atmosphere                      5/13                                                                             Plants, Food, Medicine                        5/27


***Attach the original article or a print out of the article. (Giving me the link does not count as attaching the article)

***On loose-leaf or typed, use the following format.

Title of the Article



Date of the Article

Summary of the Article:   Here is where you summarize the information from the article.Include what is the claim the article is making, the evidence provided and the reasoning behind the article. You should write in complete sentences, using correct grammar, punctuation and spelling.  Your summary should answer the following questions: Who? What? Where? When? Why?

This section should have at least 5, and no more than 10, good sentences.


Opinion: In this final section, you will give your opinion of the article. The following are some things that you might give your opinion about. Do NOT answer these questions in order or else your paragraph will not make sense.  Do you agree or disagree with the author? Did you learn something new? Was the article interesting? Did it make you think? Why did you choose the article? Would you tell others to read it?

This section should contain at least 5 complete, well written sentences.


You can earn 5 extra credit points for each article.  (I will only accept one article in the 2 week period) Points will be applied to the assignment point total



0 1 2
article missing included
summary missing missing part of the claim, evidence, reasoning or summary Makes a strong claim, includes evidence, clear reasoning, strong summary
opinion missing opinion is weak with little or no evidence/reasoning Strong opinion stated with evidence provided to support claim and reasoning

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